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Here are a few tips when assessing your property after a storm for damage. If you find damage, contact us at 972-836-9895 or email us at right away. We will gladly come out to do a complete exterior inspection and help you file your insurance claim.

Inside: Start in the attic.

  • Check to see if there are any sunlight showing through the plywood decking; this is an indication of holes in need of repair.

  • If there are no noticeable holes, use a flashlight to inspect the decking for dark stains or streaks, all are signs of moisture buildup.

Outside: Walk around your property and check to see if you notice any gutter, fence, garage door, windows and/or roof damage, here are some things to look for:

  • Missing shingles; these should be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid leaks into interior of homes, especially when decking is exposed.

Note: Roof damage are usually not noticeable from ground level, contact us to have it fully inspected.

  • Dark patches are usually signs of granular loss. These bare patches can leave the shingles vulnerable to the sun and overtime dry out the asphalt and potentially lead to leaks.

  • Cracked or curled shingles are sometimes caused by strong winds and/or flying debris.

  • Bent or detached flashing can expose chimneys, vents and other roof penetrations to water intrusions. These should be thoroughly sealed by a professional.

  • Debris such as branches from trees can rub granules loose and seriously damage or break through shingles if impacted hard enough.

  • Gutters and garage door damage are easily detectable, if you notice circular dents those are signs of hail impact.

  • Wood fence can also be impacted by hail or high winds; look for visible marks that appear like rain drops or chips in the wood.

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